Keith Walsh on Running the Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon for Dummies.


You’ve been offered the chance of a lifetime. Skechers have asked you to run the marathon in LA and tell people about your experience. You’ve been training hard for 3 months, you’re flying, you’ve been telling everybody that listens to you on Breakfast Republic on 2fm about this marathon, in fact you haven’t shut up about it. With two months to go, you get injured. You have a scan—it’s a bulging disc in your neck and it’s hitting off your spinal cord. That’s it, it’s all over. No marathon for you son, crawl back into your box, it’s all over! Or is it?

I have memories of watching John Treacy win the silver medal in Los Angeles in 1984, so it’s always been an iconic race in my mind. That doesn’t mean it’s always been a dream of mine to run it. Up until 2016 I had no intentions of ever running a marathon. But I think once you’ve done one you want to do more. Then when Skechers asked me if I’d run it, memories of ’84 came flooding back and I jumped at the chance. To be honest it’s a cool thing to brag about…I’ve run the Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon!

But now that I had this bulging disc, there would be no bragging, there would be no running. My brand new Skechers GOmeb Razor footwear would remain untouched, untried and untested. What to do? I tried acupuncture, physical therapy, physiotherapy, more acupuncture and then some more physio and in the end, I was sent for a new scan. Bulging disc confirmed, but how could get it resolved in time for the marathon? ‘You should probably forget about running it at this stage,’ I was told. ‘But what chance have I got of making it, doc?’ ‘About 30%?’ I’ll take it! What do I have to do? No running? No running with 2 months to go before the big day? Rest? Complete rest. Resting is great, if you can lie down. But with this bulging disc in my neck, lying down was very painful, so I wasn’t getting much sleep. No running. No sleep. Not ideal. Very not ideal at all.

If you’ve ever run a marathon, you’ll know that the last couple of months are crucial. That’s when you’ll be doing your longest of long runs, getting up to 20 miles. That’s when you’ll reach the peak of your speed work and your hill work. That’s when you’ll test out your fuel. What gels work best. When should you take them. How many should you take. How much water do you need and on and on. Then there’s the gear. Obviously, I’d be wearing Skechers Performance running shoes, but which shorts will give me no chaffing? Which t-shirt is kindest to my nipples? So much crucial information gathered in those last few months gone.

I made a decision. I would generally rest for the 2 months–besides walking as much as I could. I would make it to the start line and I would start the marathon. If I had to pull out at some stage so be it, but I would at least start. The one thing I had going for me was that fact that this was my second marathon. My first was literally a couch to marathon situation. Before that I had done very little running, nothing of significance anyway. But since running my first marathon I had kept it up, so I told myself that I had basically been training for this marathon since Dublin 2016! I also had previous experience of which fuel worked best for me, how much I needed and when to take it. I also, most importantly, knew how difficult it is to run a marathon.

So off I went to Los Angeles. I mad Irish man about to tackle 26 miles—26 miles and 385 yards to be precise. Thankfully the complete rest worked, the bulge had settled down, the pain in my neck was almost completely gone, and I was getting some sleep. So I was trying to work how best to tackle this task ahead of me. I could run 5k, walk 1k, run 5k, walk 1k and so on and so forth. I could run for 20 minutes, walk for 2 and so on. In the end my plan was to run as slowly as I could and keep it up for as long as I could!

The day before the race I visited the Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon Expo to pick up some gear. I picked out gear that was as close to the gear I wore for my first marathon. Skechers Performance shorts with the built-in nix, a Skechers Performance tee and I stuck with my trusty Skechers GOrun Ride 6 trainers that I’d been training in up until my injury. I’ve heard many horror stories of runners changing their footwear close to or on the day of the race, and I wasn’t going to make that mistake. Obviously, I’m writing this blog for Skechers, but I can honestly say that I hadn’t run in a more comfortable shoe before wearing Skechers. The Skechers GOrun Ride 6 are lightweight and seriously comfortable. Great arch support, and they don’t stick up at the back so there’s no rubbing on the Achilles area.  I like to be able to tighten my runners at the ankle, but I like it to be loose in the foot, some people like to tighten the laces on the foot so they feel the support, either way works with this style. My kit wasn’t going to run the marathon for me but it would certainly make it as comfortable as possible.

So there I was, 7am on the 18th of March at the start of the 2018 Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon in the iconic Dodgers Stadium. The race started at the stadium and all I had to do was make it to the sea, the finish line at Santa Monica pier. Simple! I noticed a few of the pacers at the start. The 4-hour pace, the 4-and-a-half-hour pacer, the 5-hour pacer. I made a note of the 5-hour pacer. If I could keep up with her for a while it might help me get to the finish line. As the sun came up on this clear crisp Cali morning the man on the speaker started the race. We were off. I was doing it. I was running the Los Angeles Marathon! I was doing it very slowly, but I was doing it. I was encouraged by the fact that I wasn’t the only one running at this slightly faster than walking pace. How slow was I running? My first 5k took me almost 40 minutes! My next 5k was slightly faster at almost 35 minutes, I was into my stride. I tried not to look at the time, this was not about a time, this was about getting to the finish. I had heard that there was a cut off point of 6 and a half hours, hopefully I would make the cut!

Everything about this race and this place is Iconic. Every street name you see along the route is so evocative, Sunset Boulevard, Santa Monica, Downtown, Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive. It’s Hollywood Baby! The crowds that gather to cheer you on are amazing, very similar to the Dublin crowd. So warm and enthusiastic and a little bit crazy. People handing out fruit, snacks drinks, I saw one guy handing out hot dogs. I was keeping myself nicely topped up with water, Gatorade and jelly’s. Alternating between them every couple of miles. I also gratefully accepted the odd half a banana. The first 13 miles seemed to fly by. I was using my surroundings to keep me distracted. Looking at the famous street names. I was feeding off the energy of the crowd. I had made it to the half way mark and I felt okay. I was starting to get the off twinge in some of my leg muscles it was freaking me out a bit. Yes, I was half way but that just meant that I had to do what I’d just done, all over again. At this point I began to talk to myself. Reminding myself if what I was doing. Congratulating myself for getting this far and urging myself on to complete each mile taking it mile by mile, one at a time. No pressure Keith, you’ve done well to get this far even if you had to walk the rest of the way it’s still some achievement. I might have started to walk but for some reason I thought walking might be more difficult! I kept running…jogging.

At about 18 miles I was suffering. I was arguing with myself at this point, walk for a bit I’d say to myself, you deserve it! No! I’m okay, I’ll keep running thanks, now shut up! I was telling myself to shut up. Rodeo Drive was looking well, all polished and gleaming, Lots of nice shops. My wife would love this I was thinking. Then I heard it. A voice from beyond, well maybe not from beyond but it certainly sounded other worldly. I looked around. It was the 5-hour pacer. I remembered her name from the Expo the day before, it was Star. She was my guiding Star. I was elated. If I could keep up with this group, I’d finish in under 5 hours! I cried a little. Star was pacing a group of about 20 people. Talking to them and encouraging them as she ran. I joined in and just as I did she shouted ‘WALK’ I walked, for the first time. She was talking all the time. This was how it was going to work for the last 8 miles. We would run for a mile and walk for 2 minutes, using the 2 minutes to get our breathing right and to take some fluids on board. This was music to my ears. I was running with a group, we would feed of Stars energy and she has a plan! For the first time I began to believe that I was going to finish this marathon. The next 3 miles flew by. Run a mile, walk for 2 minutes. I was at 21 miles. Only 5 to go.

‘I want you to take it mile by mile’, shouted Star. ‘I do not want you to think about the 5 miles you have left, only think of each mile and how you’re going to finish that mile. You will start each mile and you will finish each mile and that is all you should be thinking’.

I stopped thinking about the 5 miles. Whatever you say Star, you are the boss. You are my savior. You have saved my marathon. We started, and we finished another 2 miles. That’s when the tears started. I was going to get to the finish, I was going to do it. It was overwhelming. I wanted to shout out, I wanted to tell everyone about my ‘Journey’ about my neck about my 2 months of rest, about how I looked this marathon in the eye and face it down, slowly. But I just carried on running and crying. It didn’t help that Star encouraged us to run mile 25 for someone special. I thought of my wife and I thought about my children, I thought about my sisters and my Mam and Dad, I thought about my cousin John who had run across the finish line with me in Dublin, I thought about friends. I thought about all the special people and I cried some more. Mile 25, see you later. We walked for the last time.

‘The is mile 26! This is your mile’, shouted Star, above the crowds that lined the street. ‘This is for all the hard work you put in, all the training (rest in my case), all the sacrifices, early mornings, late nights. Run this mile for yourself’.

I thanked Star and I took off, I felt like I was sprinting. This was possibly my fastest mile. The tears flowed, and my legs felt light. I was doing it. I was going to finish the Skechers Performance LA Marathon and I was going to do it in under 5 hours. 40 minutes slower than my fastest time, slower but better. As I crossed the finish line I held my arms aloft as if I was the winner. I was the winner. I won my own battle. I won many battles along the way. You see the hardest part of running a marathon is getting to the start line. There will be obstacles and there will be plenty of legitimate reasons for you to pack it all in, to back out to call it a day. But if you can persevere, if you can keep plugging away and stay focused, then you too can get to the start line, whatever happens after that is a bonus. 25,000 athletes started the marathon that day, that’s 25,000 winners in my book.

So, thank you Skechers. I can now say I ran the Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon. Thanks for the gear, no chaffing, no blisters, you did your job. I’ve since acquired two more pairs of the Skechers GOmeb Razor and as soon as this bulging disc settles down again I’ll be back on the road, so watch this space.


Now that the new year is in here, we’re taking a moment to spotlight the hottest shoes that kids are loving: Skechers lighted sneakers! Packed with the latest innovations like rechargeable and swipe features, these styles are better than ever – with awesome light sequences, bright reflector technology and more. Here’s a look at all of the hot lighted styles that boys and girls will love to wear in 2018.


The rechargeable revolution continues! The latest generation of Energy Lights, our new Swipe Lights hi-tops sneaks offer some awesome features – like a multicolored lighted sneaker system with futuristic touch control, so you can scroll through nine unique light sequences with a swipe! Rapid two-hour charging, an easy power-off button and cool glow-in-the-dark technology makes Swipe Lights a top pick.


Our Energy Lights collection was all the rage last year, and it’s still going strong into 2018 with cool looks like metallic uppers in royal blue, silver and rose gold! Seven different solid colors, blinking lights and color sequences for 11 different light-up options make these shoes perfect for winter nights.


Just landed: our brand new Skechers Chargeables light-up footwear collection for kids! it just takes a press of the button on the shoe’s tongue to cycle through different light patterns – and they’ll stay bright while you’re on the move. A two-hour charge will give you around six hours of bright lights! We’ve launched two new styles: Skechers Reflectors sneakers which feature bright reflective uppers, and Skechers Light Storm hi-top sneaks, which plays lighted sequences on the sides of the shoes.

What are your favorite lighted Skechers styles for 2018? Tell us in the comments!


Our Energy Lights rechargeable shoes  have been a huge hit this year – our kids’ styles have flown off the shelves since they launched, and now they’re available for adults as well! Everyone loves wearable technology, and these sneakers have so many light combinations (seven unique lights, four different modes and up to six hours on a single charge) that the world can’t get enough of them. Plus, they’re so easy to charge and go – Energy Lights even come with their own USB cable!

Here’s how simple Energy Lights are to charge and use:

1. LIFT FLAPS – Right behind each sneaker’s tongue is Energy Lights’ charging port – just flip up the tongue flap cover, and you’re ready for charging.

2. INSERT CABLES – Energy Lights have a dual cable so you can charge both shoes simultaneously. Just insert the cables into the ports on each shoe (make sure to push the end of the USB firmly into the port, so that the shoe will properly charge).

3. PLUG IN – Connect the other side of the cable to a computer, or a USB plug adapter if you have one. Once the cable is properly connected, the lights on the sole will flash red when it’s charging.

4. UNPLUG AND GO – It’ll take approximately two hours for your Energy Lights to fully charge – the red lights on the sole will turn off once they’re done charging. Make sure to unplug the cables when done (don’t overcharge or leave plugged in overnight).

Once you’re done wearing your Energy Lights, you can hold the power button on your tongue down for three seconds to turn them off.

Still need to get a pair? You can find them here. Leave your Energy Lights questions for us in the comments!




I always knew I wanted to continue working when I had kids. Getting pregnant was an absolute miracle and joy. It was only when I was growing a child inside me that the feeling of wanting to do better, be better and build my own empire was ignited.


When starting your own company, you learn very quickly that it needs as much love, commitment, patience and nurturing as a child – trying to navigate between the two has been difficult, but finding a balance has been the key to my success.


My vivacious toddler is ever so lovely. Yes, I’m biased but most that have been in her presence mention that she radiates such happiness and love. We have a very close bond and I know that in the blink of an eye she will be all grown up. Our time together is sacred and I know my husband and I will cherish it forever.


We have always tried to encourage our daughter to speak freely, share her opinions and feel like she’s in a safe place to talk to us.


Independence and decision making has also been a priority to us and this has extended into letting her choose her clothes and shoes. Whilst there have been some “What is she wearing?!” moments as well as a few wardrobe malfunctions, I have to say that her taste in style is, for the most part, much better than mine. It’s safe to say that there are times I’m quite envious of my three-year old who can keep up with the latest trends far better than I do.


For as long as I can remember, my daughter has loved shoes.


It all started during the toilet training days. Really pleased with her mastering the art of learning to use a toilet and becoming a big girl, we wanted to purchase something to reward her for her momentous achievement. We were in town and took her to the toy department in Selfridges. She wasn’t really taking to anything other than the toys she had already owned so we decided to leave. It was only on our way to the escalator that she halted in her footsteps. We followed her wide-eye glance and, naturally, it was looking straight at the shoe department.


She was immediately drawn to a pair of Skechers. They were from the Hopscotch range; black, covered in metallic hearts with a pink ribbon and Velcro straps. What wasn’t to love?! (At this point, we didn’t even realise that they lit up). The look on her face when she tried them on for the first time was a dream which was immediately followed by such excitement when she discovered that they twinkled with every footstep she took. I knew what this meant – more walking.


This was the start of something beautiful.



Whilst almost two years have passed since her first pair of Skechers, her love (and ours) for them has only grown, as has her collection. Each pair has been designed to factor in the child’s comfort, whether it be for walking, running, playing in the park or going to school. There really is a pair for everyone.


Skechers have really helped H gain such independence, responsibility, freedom, expression, creativity, individuality, sociability and for this – we are ever so grateful and they will continue to be a staple item in her wardrobe.

The only downside is… getting her to take them off when coming home.

Jenny Raymond is the founder of, a non-judgmental, social hub for parents.


(at select stores).

Featured: the men’s Relaxed Fit: Tantric – Salman sandal in Black and the women’s Multi/Black Meditation sandal (at select stores).


As amazing as the great outdoors gets during the summer, kicking back with an incredible book can be just as magical! Whether it’s a classic tome or the must-have pulp of the season, there’s no greater way to laze the days away than to get lost in a great story. To celebrate, we collected some of our favorite books we know.


The BOBS 2nd Take Pup Smarts and Outpaws sandals in Black (at select stores).


Here are some great books to get lost in this summer – courtesy of our team!

“I would suggest the following two ideas: 1) Diving into The Opposite of Loneliness: Essays and Stories by Marina Keegan; 2) Rereading the entire Harry Potter series (I don’t do this, but have friends who do).”

– Lena


“A few of my favorite books: The Pact by Jodi Picoult; The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins; Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom.”

– Janice


1984 by George Orwell. These are interesting times we live in, so I plan on spending a few beach days reading this happy go-lucky novel to keep my mind off the real world because Big Brother and the Cult of Personality certainly isn’t at all relevant today.”

– Gunther


“Most of my books happen at bedtime with the kid – and a couple of my current favorites are Tap the Magic Tree and Mix it Up! They’re really fun, interactive stories that really get children engaged on every page.”

– Deanna


“I have two books, sometimes three, going at once. Fiction, non-fiction, and introspective. I just finished Lucky Boy by Shanthi Seharan. So topical (way to close to reality), poignant and well-written. Thoroughly recommend but hold on! So now I’m looking for the next fiction and I think it will be A Separation by Katie Kitamura—it’s smaller (perfect for my work trip this month) and is said to be literary and a thriller (perfect for that long plane ride). As far as non-fiction, John Doe’s Under the Big Black Sun: A Personal History of L.A. Punk.—loving it!”

– Ashley

What are your favorite books, places to read and independent bookstores? Any books you can’t wait to take on your next vacation? Tell us your favorites!

The women’s Ultra Flex – Bright Horizon casual in Navy/Pink and men’s Boyar – Molsen casual in Navy (at select stores).


Is it summer? Really? It’s arrived? Well it’s the first few days of June and so far in Dublin the weather is looking promising! I’m trying to break in my summer wardrobe gradually, and sensibly and for my first blog post with Skechers for the month, I am focusing on sliders. Now when I say sliders you’ll automatically think of the sandal, but I am taking the name for the Double Up – Sleek Street slip-on trainers which are honestly, my new favourite pair. The white matches everything and I am currently styling them with cut off jeans so show them off. I am also styling them with maxi dresses (more of that to come this month) so show that you don’t have to wear heels with a dress. You can completely change the look of something more formal by changing up your footwear.


Now here’s the technical stuff. They have a great padded collar around the edge of the shoe so they don’t rub. A very, very important factor. They also have Skechers memory foam so you have a nice cushion for your foot for your summer holidays. They also have a 1.5 inch “flatform” for some height which I think is great since you always think runners are going to be flat.

They come in white, but there is also a black style if you want to stick to darker shades. Check out the full collection here.

Follow Lorna’s Skechers journey and visit her blog at or follow her on Twitter and Instagram.




For those who love to think out of the box on sprucing up their sneaks and sandals, we have a slew of hacks for you! Whether your shoes are too tight, need a little refresh or you just want to give them a totally new look, these style secrets are a great way to ramp up your shoe game. Read on for easy, fun ways to make your Skechers go the extra mile!


Got a pair of sandals that you totally adore, but are a little too tight? Put your socks to work! Slip a thick pair and wear your shoes over them (at home is fine; we’ll keep this look just between us) and your shoes will gradually loosen up over time. Whip off those socks… and your perfectly stretched soles are ready to rock!

The women’s Parallel – Strut sandal in Black.


Some soles can squeak a little when you walk (not that ours do!)… and the cure-all may be right in your closet! Just shake a little baby powder into your shoes, and it can keep the sound at bay. Plus, baby powder has a nice scent for those who want to freshen up their soles.

The Flex Appeal – Newsmaker sneaker in Aqua for women.


For shoes that have a little more stink, something as simple as tea bags can do the trick! The below Skech-Knit shoe is great for letting your foot naturally breathe, but for those styles that don’t breathe as well, tea bags are a totally natural alternative to shoe deodorants, and you can make them any scent you please… just raid your kitchen cabinets for your personal favorites, drop a couple dry, unused tea bags into smelly shoes and let them sit for a wonderfully scented solution to old soles.

The men’s Arcade sneaker in Navy.


Here’s a totally easy way to spruce up your lace-up sneaks, without buying anything at all! Skechers sneakers come with two sets of laces, so you can always go crazy with a new color. Explore new ways to lace up your sneaks – a simple new pattern can give your old soles an entirely new look. It’s especially great for updating kids’ sneaks; invite them to come up their own new designs… they’ll soon be showing them off to their friends at school!

The boys’ Air Advantage sneaker in Black and Royal Blue.


Are your laces getting a little frayed at the edges? Extend their life with a couple pieces of tape from your drawer… just wrap them around the ends, and you’re done! It’s simple and quick – and when you get home, you can always switch them out with your second set of Skechers shoelaces!

The girls’ Skech-Air Deluxe sneaker in Lavender/Multi ombre.

Have any great shoe hacks that you love? Share your top tricks in the comments!


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