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Properly caring for your Skechers means you’ll get to wear them for a long time! Here’s the best tips on how to take care of your new kicks.

Performance Shoes: Most Skechers GOwalk and GOrun shoes with non-leather uppers can be safely machine washed. Using a pillowcase or laundry bag to hold both shoes, wash on the gentle cycle and air-dry. Do not place shoes in dryer. We do not recommend machine washing the Skechers Performance Nite Owl luminescent shoes.

Nylon/Mesh Shoes: Most non-leather casual shoes can be safely machine washed on the gentle cycle and air-dried. Do not place shoes in dryer. Do not machine wash light-up shoes. Apply a fabric ‘rain and stain’ protectant to protect the shoes from water. For shoes with Skechers Memory Foamâ„¢ insoles, allow shoes and insoles to air dry for 10 to 12 hours to ensure the insoles are fully dry.

Leather Shoes: Apply a leather ‘rain and stain’ protectant before wearing in wet conditions. Use a leather cleaning lotion or spray to clean. Apply a leather lotion or oil periodically to keep the leather supple. Do not machine wash leather shoes.

Suede or Nubuck Shoes: Apply a suede and nubuck-specific ‘rain and stain’ protectant before wearing in wet conditions. Use a suede/nubuck cleaning product to clean shoes. Brush with a suede brush for best results. Do not machine wash suede or nubuck shoes.

Light-Up Shoes: Machine washing light-up shoes is not advised as it may damage the lights. Clean with mild soap, warm water and a soft cloth.

Skechers Foamies Kids’ Shoes: Machine wash in cold water with mild soap for up to 30 minutes. Air-dry for 10-12 hours to ensure your Skechers Memory Foamâ„¢ insoles dry completely. Do not place shoes in dryer.