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Whether kicking back, enjoying the beach or sightseeing, Skechers GO walk is the ultimate holiday shoe. There are countless colors and styles available, and since they’re so light and take up little space, you might even be able to fit an extra pair.

So versatile, ideal for every day wear and activities, the Skechers GOwalk range offers the most amazing comfort and are convenient for packing too. As in true #Skechersstyle they’re super lightweight – so no worries about excess baggage fees!

If you’re walking around a lot this holiday, the Skechers GO walk 3 collection is perfect. Designed to flex and twist with you, they’re great on so many different surfaces, offering the benefit of real-world protection for your feet. These performance walking shoes are filled with innovative technologies. The GOimpulse and integrated Goga Pillars on the outsole provide a flexible and responsive fit, whilst the unique FitKnit breathable mesh keeps your feet nice and cool. And of course, Skechers Memory Form Fit padding around the heel gives ultimate comfort with a cushioned custom fit.

Going down to the beach? Then slip on a pair of Skechers GOwalk Move – a sporty casual comfort flip flop thong, ideal for the long hot days of summer. Each pair is so lightweight you’ll feel like you’re walking on air.

The best thing about the Skechers GOwalk collection is that you might change your wardrobe but you won’t have to change your shoes and you won’t want to! Available in so many gorgeous colours and styles, you can easily slip from night to day and still look good!

Skechers GO walk footwear is so easy to wear that quite frankly you’ll forget you have them on.

So wherever you go this summer, save on the packing and don’t forget your Skechers!


Remember when school would send you a summer book list so you didn’t idle your vacation days away? Although those days are long gone for most of our staff (save our interns), we love that we can now spend our summers reading anything we please! We asked our Skechers crew what they’ve been reading, and discovered some delightful surprises. Take a look and see if any sound like fun books for the end of summer!


Two new riveting and weird books out August 2 with multiple POVs (points of view) will offer intense poolside reading or keep you up late!

Harmony (by Carolyn Parkhurst, The Dogs of Babel) follows the Hammond family as they leave their life and belongings behind to help genius and impossible daughter/sister Tilly as they set up Camp Harmony with a domineering and manipulating child behavior expert. The story unfolds with swear words and humor as told by Tilly, sister Iris, and mom Alexandra.

Watching Edie (by Camilla Way) is a psychological suspense page-turner as the lives of two childhood friends are revealed–one from “Before” as told by Heather, and the other from “After” as told by Edie. The twists and turns can be unsettling as this dark friendship unfolds in this story of the unpopular and popular in a depressed British town.


Fredrik Backman’s protagonist Ove is my father if he were Swedish, worked on trains and loved Saabs. A Man Called Ove is warm and uplifting as well as tragic and heart-wrenching. A curmudgeon, Ove sets out to off himself from the first chapter as he wishes to join his recently deceased wife. But each time he tries, he is interrupted, until it gets to the point that Ove becomes a much needed man–even though he tries his hardest not to be. Ove proves one small act–intended or not–can have a positive impact–sometimes life changing. Bonus: New York Times Bestseller list.


Mitch Albom’s Tuesdays with Morrie is a great read. It teaches you some really cool life lessons, different views between generations and the importance of appreciating the little things in life rather than getting caught up on the idea that money brings you happiness.


I’m reading J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series with my six-year-old daughter. It’s like reading them for the first time again!


I’ve been reading Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay. She has such amazing insight on critical social issues, and a gentle but perfectly sarcastic voice through which she shares her stories and opinions.


Marvel’s Civil War II. I haven’t read comics in a long time but now that I can conveniently follow on my tablet, I’ve found myself feeling like a kid and suddenly sucked back in to the latest transformative crossover story involving the Avengers and company.


Humans of New York Stories by Brandon Stanton. The latest book added to the HONY series features eye-opening stories from people all over New York City. The book is equally moving and uplifting, perfect for a trip to the beach or a long plane ride.


Most of my current reads these days are children’s books during my kid’s bedtime. We love Countablock (Christopher Franceschelli and Peskimo’s beautiful book with vivid, creative drawings that take you from 1-100)… Margret & H.A. Rey’s Happy Easter, Curious George (for us, it’s Easter all year round!) and Don Freeman’s Corduroy, a touching story about a toy bear who lives at the store and the adorable girl who wants to buy him.


So many on my list! I’ve been meaning to read Anthony Doerr’s All The Light We Cannot See for quite a while, and finally I will get some time to do a deep dive. Clint Hill and Lisa McCubbin’s Four Days in November was recommended to me by a friend; I love history and it’s dealing with the assassination of John F. Kennedy and first person accounts of its impact through a variety of people and sectors. I’ve heard that it’s incredibly interesting and brings an entirely new perspective on historical revisionism. Edward K. Y. Chen’s Hyper-Growth in Asian Economies: I’m an economics buff so it’s just my thing. The Wealth Of Nations: just a classic economics reader of Adam Smith – it’s nice to read it without being told to read it. 🙂 And Haruki Murakami and Alfred Birnbaum’s A Wild Sheep Chase: A Novel is a lot of fun; I read the sequel first.


I haven’t picked out a good summer read yet. Luckily for this list, I can start one of their suggestions!

So many to choose from… which books do you love? Tell us!

Final 3

Top image: the Moon Shadows – Sashay sandal in black. Bottom image: the OG 82 – Dash and Dazzle sneaker in black and gold (at select Skechers retail stores).


It’s hard to believe that it’s that time of year again… it seems like just yesterday we were celebrating the end of school, and now suddenly we’re prepping to head back! At a time when we should be celebrating the end of summer, we often find ourselves racing around like mad to get everything ready for the kids’ big day. What do you do to prepare? We asked MEGLEEWEST fashion blogger and mom of three Meghan Westbrook how she plans her attack, and she had a lot of great ideas on how to stay organized and relieve potential first day jitters.

Shopping: Supplies and Clothing

As soon as the supply lists come in the mail, I hit the store immediately. A lot of things sell out quickly and I want to make sure I get all the items on their lists with plenty of time to spare. I try to purchase extra where it seems reasonable. Often teachers will ask for additional supplies throughout the year as they run out, so I’m one step ahead of the game when these lists get sent home and my items are ready to go. It’s also good to have extra pencils, glue, and markers at home for school projects. I can’t tell you how many times I learned this the hard way doing last-minute projects in years past that I didn’t have glue for, or tape for that matter!

As far as clothing, I keep things to a minimal to start. Let’s be honest – underwear and sock restocks are first on the list! A fresh couple pairs of PJs as we slide into the chillier evenings of fall somehow makes everyone “sleep” better (strange but true!). We go through everyone’s closet and drawers and pull out anything that doesn’t fit so 1. we are decluttered and 2. we know what we have to start. I like to take those items to a consignment store and get a little cash back in my pocket to help with the new items we’re about to shop for (cha-ching!).

Generally, I look for a couple pair of jeans, pants (leggings for my daughter and something easy to pull on for my son, such as joggers), a couple new tees that aren’t too summery (great to layer under long sleeved items), a couple tops with longer sleeves, a hoodie, as well as a fall coat and new backpack, if needed. The most important item on my list though is SHOES! Everyone needs new shoes – especially kids with their fast-growing feet!! My kids require a great pair of gym shoes and then I like something a little more casual in addition to those, to give them variety. Gym shoes in my opinion are the number one playground necessity! I want them to be comfortable as they are running around (like when my daughter chases the boys) and provide support while they are in gym class. My son will be looking snazzy and cool in his Burst – In the Mix Skechers. My daughter will be equally fun and fresh in her Burst – Ellipse pair. These are great choices as they both provide Air-Cooling technology and Memory Foam.


Haircut 2 - finalThis section is quite simple… your kids need haircuts! I’m telling you. Even if you cut their hair a few weeks ago, plan the back to school cuts 1-2 weeks before school starts. Most often Picture Day happens in the first couple weeks, so what you think “looks good” now, will probably NOT look good in a couple more weeks, trust me. I have mom-failed at this many times! Make your appointments a month before school starts and set them for 1-2 weeks prior to the big day. The earlier you call, the more appointment times you’ll have to choose from. Don’t be left trying to fight the crowd or worse, wait until after school starts and fight your schedule and the kids’ new schedule!
My daughter and I hit the mall for her cut. She has a hot pink streak in her hair that we get touched up every six months. My boys, on the other hand, can head out with dad. What a fun date day! The girls can hit the mall and shop (win-win) while the boys can hit the barber and… well, do whatever it is that dudes do! My guy will be heading out in style. My hubby is sporting his Relaxed Fit – Palen – Nieto kicks with gel-infused memory foam. My oldest is feeling as cool as daddy in his memory foam Outgo kicks!

Lunch Planning and Schedules

Why is lunch planning important? Because I guarantee you your child does not eat the same thing today that he/she did last week. OK, welcome to lunch planning. I sit down with each child a week or so before school and talk about lunch items they had last year, things I have noticed them eating or not eating this summer, and go over expectations – both mine and theirs. We brainstorm new lunch menus. I want to make sure I am not heading to the grocery store buying items they won’t eat, but in fact getting items they have requested within reason. If your kids buy hot lunch at school, you can turn this into dinner planning with the same concept.

Lunch Planning 2 - FINAL

Additionally I like to go over their schedules as far as afterschool activities. This way, everyone knows where they are going each evening if they do have an activity. This also helps with dinner planning. Lastly, I check the old containers and this is usually a good time to replenish the stock of sealed containers, purchase new water bottles and thermoses, as well new ice packs. One last key item to bring this all together… a new lunchbox! Skechers even has their very own here.

Mornings are busy. Keep things simple by finding something easy to throw on without taking the extra time to lace up while running out the door. I’ll be sending my littlest off in his Lil Lad – Swagy soles. My oldest will be confident in his Skechers Throwbax. My daughter will be the talk of the bus stop in her Nebula – Prism Pop Skechers, and she wouldn’t have it any other way! I’ll be keeping things easy and comfy in my air cooled, Flex Appeal 2.0 memory foam sneaks.

First Day Expectations

I like to get the kids back into a routine before the big day (or try to, anyway). We hit Move-In Night at our school so they can meet their new teachers, find their lockers, and see their friends they’ve been missing all summer. We review where other classrooms are and talk about the bus route if we have any changes for the new school year. Taking a trip to the bus stop and reminding them to “BEHAVE – this is someone else’s driveway you’re standing in every morning” is always a plus!

Then there is that First Day outfit. We choose our outfit a couple days before and get everything laid out and ready to go to make sure that first morning is a breeze, or close to it! Do you take photos the first day? We do. I’ll admit they are usually lame with us all standing at the bus stop holding fingers in the air to show what grade everyone is in. This year, I decided to get all Pinteresty and make signs. OK, I bought signs, and I bought chalk. Cute, simple, and reusable! My little Princess will hopping her way to her classroom in her lighted Twinkle Toes – Shuffles – Sweetheart Sole. My 4th grader’s stylin’ in those kicks he wore with dad earlier, Outgo. And our little man’s just turning two, but he needs shoes to run around in as well – his Lil Lad – Swagy will allow him to do just that.

Chalkboard pic

Enjoy Summer!

This should be a no-brainer… ENJOY THE LAST DAYS OF SUMMER! You know it flew by. Take time in these weeks before school starts to enjoy your time as a family. Get the ice cream you’ve been promising all summer. Hit up the local Farmer’s Market. Go see that movie they’ve been waiting to see. Take one last road trip if you can. Hit up the park and have a picnic. Spend the time with your children before school starts. Continue to make the memories and build on the bonds you have created. My husband is doing it all in his Oldis – Stound Skechers (at select Skechers retail stores) – they go with everything and make chasing little ones around a breeze. I like to be stylish, but I also like comfort and mobility. The Jitter Bug sandals (at select Skechers retail stores) give me the best of both worlds!

We all have our lists, our To-Dos, our plans. Yes, there are things that need to get done. I encourage you to get those items checked off your list quickly and efficiently as soon as you can so you can truly embrace the last days of summer. Because let’s face it… next summer is a long ways away! XOXO

Enjoying Summer 3

Photo of Meghan WestbrookMeghan Westbrook is the blogger of the fashion, beauty and style site, MEGLEEWEST. Check out her tips and pics of the newest trends, home decor and more at Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.


Must-Do Mondays don’t have to be Manic Mondays. We thought it was about time you had a meditative Monday – one where you take a breather! Relaxation is important: it’s a huge stress reducer that can lower your blood pressure and fatigue, reduce muscle tension, improve your focus and mood, and lots more. And there are many ways to take it easy – from deep breathing to yoga, tai chi, meditation and massages that nourish your mind, body and soul.

So treat yourself to some relaxing peace and quiet this Monday – it’s as much of a must-do as everything else you have planned on your to-do list.

What’s your favorite way to decompress? Share with us!

Featured image: the Skechers Sport – Flex Appeal 2.0 – Metal Madness sneaker (at select retail stores).


Our favourite British model and actress Kelly Brook was on set last month to shoot a new commercial for the Skechers with Air-Cooled Memory Foam collection and she’s inviting you to join her behind-the-scenes for an insider look at the production! We filmed Kelly on location at a beautiful seaside home near Malibu, California—check out the video below where Kelly offers a sneak peek at the dream-like poolside set. She also shares why she’s so fond of the incredibly comfortable collection and adds some insight on how the variety of colours and looks offered is perfect for her current style.

After you hear Kelly’s thoughts on the new campaign, be sure to take a look at the complete commercial as well—soon to be seen on televisions everywhere! Have you given any of our styles featuring Air-Cooled Memory Foam a try? Tell us what you love about your cushioned and comfortable pair in the comments!


Ready to hunker down on your couch and rev up for Rio? We are! After seeing all the build-up to the Games, we’ve been inspired to get to the track, the pool and the gym – and we can’t wait to watch the heroes of every summer sport conquer the world these next two weeks. To get us in the spirit, we asked around the office to find out our team’s favorite sports. Read on to see what keeps all of us glued to the screen!

My favorite summer sport is Gymnastics. I think the sport takes so much discipline and dedication from such a young age. As an athlete, some of the things these gymnasts can do is unreal and inspiring.


Swimming… I grew up swimming competitively and still race open water and triathlons now. I love to watch their times and see how they compare to “the olden days.”


Table Tennis – because full court Tennis is for suckers (just kidding). More people should be following elite-level international ping pong. When they play 12 feet back from the table…sport just doesn’t get any better than this!


My favorite sport to watch is gymnastics because I used to do it when I was a kid and the competitors are always so impressive.


In honor of greats like Mohammed Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard, I’m going to say boxing. The sport of legends.


Platform diving! Watching athletes perfect intricate dives without creating a single splash is so mesmerizing! I make more of a splash getting into my bathtub.


Synchronized swimming. How in the world do they do all of those moves? And actually look happy while doing it?


Beach volleyball. Love the men’s and women’s – and it’s amazing to see these same athletes training in Manhattan Beach and out at our local restaurants and stores. Let’s make it four Golds, girls!


To be honest, I’m a sucker for all of the subplots and storylines. You know, those behind-the-scenes reports on all the hard times these people overcame to get to this moment. Injuries, failures, setbacks, family struggles… they’re all so dramatic!

What’s your favorite sport? Please share!

Track 1

Top image: the Flex Advantage 2.0 – Missing Link shoe. Bottom image: the Skech-Air 2.0 shoe in Charcoal/Green and Black/Hot Pink.



 Skechers Brand Ambassador

Charlie Webster’s Challenge:


This summer, Skechers UK Brand Ambassador Charlie Webster took on one of her biggest challenges yet: a Ride to Rio!

Charlie embarked on an epic cycling adventure from London Stadium to the Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro.

For the mammoth challenge, Charlie’s team cycled almost 3,000 miles over six weeks. Averaging around 90 miles a day, the cyclers arrived in Rio on the 4th of August – the day before the opening ceremony.

Departing on 27th June, the six-strong team pedalled from London Stadium to Portsmouth. After landing in Le Havre in France, they rode 1,231 miles of testing terrain to Lisbon.

From Lisbon, the team flew to Recife in northeast Brazil before venturing along the 1,600-mile coast road to Rio de Janeiro.

The challenge so far has raised £14,463 for the Jane Tomlinson Appeal in support of children’s and cancer charities.


Recently announced as an ambassador for Skechers UK, Charlie pushes herself to the limit to make a real difference to people’s lives. In 2015 she completed her first ever Ironman in an impressive 15 hours. No stranger to endurance events, Charlie previously ran between 50 football clubs in Skechers Performance footwear and apparel in seven days to raise money and awareness for Women’s Aid. Charlie actively promotes her #SkecherStyle and on February 14th this year, Charlie completed the Los Angeles Marathon.


The Skechers team congratulates Charlie and her team on achieving their new challenge!

You can track her journey via her social pages:

Twitter @CharlieCW



You can still support Charlie’s team and charities benefiting from this event! Just go to or text JTR70 £5 to 70070 to donate £5.

For more info about the challenge and the Jane Tomlinson Appeal, go to