Throughout my childhood, I had a few pairs of Skechers and that was it. Now, I’m 22 and I just “rediscovered” the brand. With new styles and great comfort, Skechers are becoming more and more part of my outfits. From London Fashion Week to a holiday in Portugal, my Skechers shoes were essential in my luggage.image1

As soon as I was aware of the amazing new collection, the collaboration with Mark Nason, and how comfortable the shoes are (especially the memory foam ones) I absolutely had to have a pair of each – at least I’m getting there…

I was able to incorporate the different styles with my outfits to make combinations that really surprised me. One of my favourites is the white high-tops Mark Nason, Culver style which I wore at Fashion Week with some short grey trousers and a black purpose tour tee, it gave an edgy look and made it super fashionable, especially for the occasion.


joao-7After I started posting on social media about them, I had a few people asking me about the comfort and price of Skechers. My response was that I was wowed by their comfort, I find them very reasonably priced and I spend all day in Skechers and my feet never hurt. Last week, two people told me that they bought Skechers shoes after they saw some of my posts and they are 100% glad they did as they would have never thought how comfortable they were.

So if you’re reading this, check them out, go to your nearest Skechers retailers and try some on. They have many different styles and colours, and I’m sure you’ll find some that suit your style. You’ll be amazed at how incredibly comfortable they are.

Checkout Joao’s blog to follow his journey and be sure to like him on Instagram & Twitter to see more of his seasonal looks.

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