Is it summer? Really? It’s arrived? Well it’s the first few days of June and so far in Dublin the weather is looking promising! I’m trying to break in my summer wardrobe gradually, and sensibly and for my first blog post with Skechers for the month, I am focusing on sliders. Now when I say sliders you’ll automatically think of the sandal, but I am taking the name for the Double Up – Sleek Street slip-on trainers which are honestly, my new favourite pair. The white matches everything and I am currently styling them with cut off jeans so show them off. I am also styling them with maxi dresses (more of that to come this month) so show that you don’t have to wear heels with a dress. You can completely change the look of something more formal by changing up your footwear.


Now here’s the technical stuff. They have a great padded collar around the edge of the shoe so they don’t rub. A very, very important factor. They also have Skechers memory foam so you have a nice cushion for your foot for your summer holidays. They also have a 1.5 inch “flatform” for some height which I think is great since you always think runners are going to be flat.

They come in white, but there is also a black style if you want to stick to darker shades. Check out the full collection here.

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