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Our Energy Lights rechargeable shoes  have been a huge hit this year – our kids’ styles have flown off the shelves since they launched, and now they’re available for adults as well! Everyone loves wearable technology, and these sneakers have so many light combinations (seven unique lights, four different modes and up to six hours on a single charge) that the world can’t get enough of them. Plus, they’re so easy to charge and go – Energy Lights even come with their own USB cable!

Here’s how simple Energy Lights are to charge and use:

1. LIFT FLAPS – Right behind each sneaker’s tongue is Energy Lights’ charging port – just flip up the tongue flap cover, and you’re ready for charging.

2. INSERT CABLES – Energy Lights have a dual cable so you can charge both shoes simultaneously. Just insert the cables into the ports on each shoe (make sure to push the end of the USB firmly into the port, so that the shoe will properly charge).

3. PLUG IN – Connect the other side of the cable to a computer, or a USB plug adapter if you have one. Once the cable is properly connected, the lights on the sole will flash red when it’s charging.

4. UNPLUG AND GO – It’ll take approximately two hours for your Energy Lights to fully charge – the red lights on the sole will turn off once they’re done charging. Make sure to unplug the cables when done (don’t overcharge or leave plugged in overnight).

Once you’re done wearing your Energy Lights, you can hold the power button on your tongue down for three seconds to turn them off.

Still need to get a pair? You can find them here. Leave your Energy Lights questions for us in the comments!




I always knew I wanted to continue working when I had kids. Getting pregnant was an absolute miracle and joy. It was only when I was growing a child inside me that the feeling of wanting to do better, be better and build my own empire was ignited.


When starting your own company, you learn very quickly that it needs as much love, commitment, patience and nurturing as a child – trying to navigate between the two has been difficult, but finding a balance has been the key to my success.


My vivacious toddler is ever so lovely. Yes, I’m biased but most that have been in her presence mention that she radiates such happiness and love. We have a very close bond and I know that in the blink of an eye she will be all grown up. Our time together is sacred and I know my husband and I will cherish it forever.


We have always tried to encourage our daughter to speak freely, share her opinions and feel like she’s in a safe place to talk to us.


Independence and decision making has also been a priority to us and this has extended into letting her choose her clothes and shoes. Whilst there have been some “What is she wearing?!” moments as well as a few wardrobe malfunctions, I have to say that her taste in style is, for the most part, much better than mine. It’s safe to say that there are times I’m quite envious of my three-year old who can keep up with the latest trends far better than I do.


For as long as I can remember, my daughter has loved shoes.


It all started during the toilet training days. Really pleased with her mastering the art of learning to use a toilet and becoming a big girl, we wanted to purchase something to reward her for her momentous achievement. We were in town and took her to the toy department in Selfridges. She wasn’t really taking to anything other than the toys she had already owned so we decided to leave. It was only on our way to the escalator that she halted in her footsteps. We followed her wide-eye glance and, naturally, it was looking straight at the shoe department.


She was immediately drawn to a pair of Skechers. They were from the Hopscotch range; black, covered in metallic hearts with a pink ribbon and Velcro straps. What wasn’t to love?! (At this point, we didn’t even realise that they lit up). The look on her face when she tried them on for the first time was a dream which was immediately followed by such excitement when she discovered that they twinkled with every footstep she took. I knew what this meant – more walking.


This was the start of something beautiful.



Whilst almost two years have passed since her first pair of Skechers, her love (and ours) for them has only grown, as has her collection. Each pair has been designed to factor in the child’s comfort, whether it be for walking, running, playing in the park or going to school. There really is a pair for everyone.


Skechers have really helped H gain such independence, responsibility, freedom, expression, creativity, individuality, sociability and for this – we are ever so grateful and they will continue to be a staple item in her wardrobe.

The only downside is… getting her to take them off when coming home.

Jenny Raymond is the founder of, a non-judgmental, social hub for parents.